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instigate::stl::unary_type_traits< _Tp > Struct Template Reference

Type Traits Concept. More...

#include <_unary_type_traits.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef instigate::stl::true_type this_dummy_member_must_be_first
typedef instigate::stl::false_type has_trivial_default_constructor
 By default has_trivial_default_constructor is defined as false_type.
typedef instigate::stl::false_type has_trivial_copy_constructor
 By default has_trivial_copy_constructor is defined as false_type.
typedef instigate::stl::false_type has_trivial_assignment_operator
 By default has_trivial_assignment_operator is defined as false_type.
typedef instigate::stl::false_type has_trivial_destructor
 By default has_trivial_destructor is defined as false_type.
typedef instigate::stl::false_type is_POD_type
 By default is_POD_type is defined as false_type.

Detailed Description

template<class _Tp>
struct instigate::stl::unary_type_traits< _Tp >

Type Traits Concept.

Member Typedef Documentation

Do not remove this member. It informs a compiler which automatically specializes unary_type_traits that this unary_type_traits template is special. It just makes sure that things work if an implementation is using a template called unary_type_traits for something unrelated.

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