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instigate::stl::forward_iterator::requirements< T > Struct Template Reference

Requirements of the Forward Iterator Concept. More...

#include <_forward_iterator.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for instigate::stl::forward_iterator::requirements< T >:

instigate::stl::single_pass_iterator::requirements< T > instigate::generic::default_constructible::requirements< T > instigate::stl::incrementable_iterator::requirements< T > instigate::generic::equality_comparable::requirements< T > instigate::generic::assignable::requirements< T > instigate::stl::bidirectional_iterator::requirements< T > instigate::stl::random_access_iterator::requirements< T >

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct instigate::stl::forward_iterator::requirements< T >

Requirements of the Forward Iterator Concept.

This code will compile if and only if T is a model of the instigate::stl::forward_iterator concept

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