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instigate::stl::category_mapping< I > Struct Template Reference

Get instigate::stl conform tag. More...

#include <_category_mapping.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::iterator_traits
< I >::iterator_category 
 sub_category is a category type of the standard library iterator
< sub_category >::category 
 category is a mapped category of the standard iterator

Detailed Description

template<typename I>
struct instigate::stl::category_mapping< I >

Get instigate::stl conform tag.

The category_mapping receives an iterator and makes mapping. If gets an instigate::stl's iterator returns its tag, if gets standard tag makes mapping based on the following diagram. std::input_iterator_tag => instigate::stl::single_pass_iterator::tag std::output_iterator_tag => instigate::stl::incrementable_iterator::tag std::forward_iterator_tag => instigate::stl::forward_iterator::tag std::bidirectional_iterator_tag => instigate::stl:: bidirectional_iterator::tag std::random_access_iterator_tag => instigate::stl:: random_access_iterator::tag

I must be an iterator which has any instigate::stl's tag or an iterator of the standard library.
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