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instigate::stl::bidirectional_iterator Namespace Reference

Bidirectional Iterator Concept. More...


struct  tag
 Bidirectional Iterator Concept tag. More...
struct  interface
 Interface of the Bidirectional Iterator Concept. More...
struct  requirements
 Requirements of the instigate::stl::bidirectional_iterator. More...

Detailed Description

Bidirectional Iterator Concept.

This is a "non-intrusive" interface of the Bidirectional Iterator type. A type is bidirectional iterator if it is a refinement of forward iterator conception with decrement method.

A bidirectional iterator traverses a sequence allowing movement in either direction one element at a time. bidirectional_iterators can't change sequence's elements (e.g. read-only access).

The complexity of operations on Mutable bidirectional iterators is guaranteed to be amortized constant time.

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