Instigate STL

Project Information

This library contains generic algorithms from STL and and other sources, re-implemented using Instigate's GP methodology, based on modern principles of Generic Programming. See the whitepaper for more details.


To install Instigate STL:

  • Download and extract library
  • Change dir to the extracted directory
  • Build the project:
    • make setup
    • make all
  • Install the project using "make install" command. The default installation directory is /opt/instigate/stl.
To uninstall simply delete the library directory and it will be completely removed from your system.

Contact and support information

Feel free to e-mail questions and suggestions to info at instigatedesign dot com. Commercial support is also available.


Instigate STL is a free software distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License.

Many thanks

The library was created by interns and students of Instigate Training Center. It is based on the code from SGI STL library, library, and other open-source projects, thanks to which it was possible to quickly obtain practically useful and stable version. The main added value of this library is the GP methodology which enables truly generic implementation of algorithms, which do not impose syntactical requirements on its arguments.
Special thanks to SourceForge for hosting the download files and making this project available.