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instigate::stl::random_access_iterator Namespace Reference

Random Access Iterator Concept. More...


struct  tag
 Random Access Iterator Concept tag. More...
struct  interface
 Interface of the Random Access Iterator Concept. More...
struct  requirements
 Requirements of the Random Access Iterator Concept. More...

Detailed Description

Random Access Iterator Concept.

This is a "non-intrusive" interface of the random_access Iterator type.The random_access_iterator is an iterator that provides both increment and decrement (just like a bidirectional_iterator), and that also provides constant-time methods for moving forward and backward in arbitrary-sized steps. The random_access_iterator's provide essentially all of the operations of ordinary C pointer arithmetic.

A random_access_iterator traverses a sequence allowing movement in either direction one element at a time. random_access_iterators can't change sequence's elements (e.g. read-only access).

The complexity of operations on Mutable random_access iterators is guaranteed to be amortized constant time.

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