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instigate::stl::lvalue_iterator Namespace Reference

Lvalue Iterator Concept. More...


struct  tag
 Lvalue Iterator Concept tag. More...
struct  interface
 Interface of the Lvalue Iterator. More...
struct  requirements
 This code will compile if and only if T is a model of the instigate::stl::lvalue_iterator concept. More...

Detailed Description

Lvalue Iterator Concept.

This is a "non-intrusive" interface of the lvalue_iterator type. A class or built-in type T is a model of lvalue_iterator concept, if it is a refinement of instigate::generic::assignable concept with dereference() method. A lvalue_iterator provides access to the corresponding element of the sequence. This concept does not define a real iterator, but rather one of iterator's properties.

The complexity of operations on lvalue_iterators is guaranteed to be amortized constant time.

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